Jas as portrayed in the film by Eleanor Tomlison


Latimer and Ridgley (Stalag 14)

Significant other(s)

Tom Jennings - boyfriend (books 1-10)

First appearance

Angus, Thongs and Full-Frontal Snogging

Last appearance

Are These My Basoomas I See Before Me?

Portayed in the film by

Eleanor Tomlinson

Jas is Georgia's best friend and a member of the Ace Gang.


Jas comes across as a fun person, but can also appear to get quite grumpy with Georgia, or as Georgia calls it, 'the hump.'

Relationships with other charactersEdit


(Best friend; fellow member of Ace Gang)

Tom and Jas seem to have a very good relationship. They both love nature and often go into the woods together to find insects and bird poo and leaves. They also help eachother with homework. Jas can be seen as quite a clingy girlfriend as she gets all hot headed when Tom goes away to New Zealand. She counted down the number of days, hours and minutes until Tom got back.Edit



(Good Friend; fellow member of Ace Gang)


(Good friend; fellow member of Ace Gang)

Jools and Jas have a pretty good friendship; Jas and Jools talk to each other by themselves when they go out; and Jools was there for Jas when Jas and Tom had an argument.


(Good friend; fellow member of the Ace Gang)


(Good friend; fellow member of the Ace gang)

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