1. Offer a mate a midget gem without being asked.

2. Share your last Jammy Dodger even though you really want it and your mate may be flicking her fringe about.

3. Listen to your mate rambling on about themselves when you have got vair important things to do yourself (e.g., nails, plucking, etc.)

4. Be with your mate through thick and thin. Or even if they are thick and thin. I made a great mate type joke there. Did you see??? Which leads me to No. 5.

5. Always be game for a laugh even though you may be blubbing on the inside.

6. Even when she has all the reason in the universe to be Top Dog (i.e., when she is the girlfriend of a Luuurve God, even if it is slightly on a sale-or-return business), a top mate does not blow her own trumpet. Or snitch on her less fortunate mates.