Stalag 14 is actually the name Georgia and her friends give to their school.


“Stalag 14″ was the name Georgia and her friends gave to their school, in the Georgia Nicholson series of books (which are hilarious by the way…they have such titles as ‘Away Laughing on a Fast Camel’ and ‘And Then He Ate My Boy Entrancers’). But anyway, I’m back at school now in Year 13 – top of the school, or top of the social hierarchy anyway. We’ve had our yearly influx of new Year 9s and most of them are so small and adorable, and I’ve had to direct a few of them around the school to their lessons. I don’t particularly like this year’s lower sixth – the Year 12′s – because most of the girls look like slags, although a lot of the boys seem nice. They call it that way because it's a concentration camp in World War 2.

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